Optimizing Web Graphics and Photos

The average web user will only wait up to 8 seconds for a page to display. With the optimum webpage size being less than 100k, if you’re in an industry where images are your business, optimizing those images for your website can be crucial.

Optimizing web graphics correctly involves finding the right balance between image quality and image size. As each image should certainly be no more than 30k in size, following these three steps will optimize your images and make your page load faster.

Resize the Image.

Photoshop Tricks To Improve Your Skills – Part 1

Here’s some very common Photoshop tricks that will help improve your skills.


  • Full screen mode -If you’re working on a large sized image such as a flier, you can maximize the available editing area by pressing the “F” key to toggle, or switch, between a full screen mode with and without menu bar, and normal editing mode.
  • Keeping your lines straight – Simply hold down the “Shift” key while you click and drag with the mouse. This works wonders on tools such as the Line Tool, Move tool and/or Paintbrush Tool. It’s dynamic for drawing straight lines!
  • Graphics Are Like The Outfit You Wear

    Graphics are the first thing your customers with see!

    Whether online or off, you have to present yourself with the proper attire. If you are in business, then creating stunning graphics will boost your customer image.

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    Simple, clean graphics communicate relationships quickly and whether you learn a bit of Photoshop or not, we’ll help you along the way.